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Brand Management,         PR & Sales Per Monthly Subscription      Plus Commissions

I am James Alexander and I am a true living One Man Band when it comes to modern technology and marketing. I deliver the package of marketing services which were until now only available from the agencies. "And than Elvis came and saved us all..." Because of me as a client, you do  not need an expansive agency any more...Sorry guys!

I make my living by exposing my clients to a wider audience through Internet, PR, video, graphic design, TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc... And, yes, I create ideas and concepts, define goals and strategies, I film, I take pictures, I write words and press releases, I design graphics and websites, I call the newspapers and radio stations and I do lots of other things.

And, by the end of the day my client writes a cheque just to one person-me...Now, I do not have an overhead of employees, premisses, coffee machines and office equipment. You get the picture?

To answer your next question on how good I am, please scroll down this page and read my client's sayings on …how good I am...

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Where: Cambridge News

February 4th, 2011

Client: St. Ephraim Parish

Russian Orthodox Parish, Cambridge


The story of this extraordinary Russian Orthodox parish in the middle of old town of Cambridge and their weekly struggle to set up an orthodox church inside the Westcott Chapel.


Client: SainEphraim.org.uk

Russian Orthodox Parish

in Cambridge, England,



Client: MariaEklund.com

Conductor Extraoridnaire


Following the PR campaign Mrs Eklund appeared on Sweden's biggest Morning Show on TV4on November the 18:th, 2010

Click here to see the full interview

(in Swedish)


Client: Africfood.com

African cuisine with modern

British twist


Following our PR campaign Mrs Moronfolu of Africfood Catering

was featured on BBC Cambridgeshire morning show with Jeremy Sallis on August 9th, 2010

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Client: AnnaDavydova.co.uk

Anna Davydova Dance School

in Ealing, West London,




Maria Eklund, conductor extraordinaire

Visual brand for DVD inlay, book cover

and business card





Pure African beauty from an old

English town


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The Eurostars Orchestra, Germany

J.S. Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G,

BWV 1049. Allegro